A newbie’s information to time journey


Everybody can journey in time (opens in new tab). You do it whether or not you need to or not, at a gentle charge of 1 second per second. You might assume there is no similarity to touring in one of many three spatial dimensions at, say, one foot per second. However in keeping with Einstein (opens in new tab)‘s concept of relativity (opens in new tab), we reside in a four-dimensional continuum — space-time — during which house and time are interchangeable.

Einstein discovered that the quicker you progress via house, the slower you progress via time — you age extra slowly, in different phrases. One of many key concepts in relativity is that nothing can journey quicker than the velocity of sunshine (opens in new tab) — about 186,000 miles per second (300,000 kilometers per second), or one light-year per yr). However you will get very near it. If a spaceship have been to fly at 99% of the velocity of sunshine, you’d see it journey a light-year of distance in simply over a yr of time. 


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